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What’s in a name?

‘Vincita’ the Italian word for ‘Win’, directly translated into English specifically means the success that comes from taking a risk or making a bet. 

Here at Vincita we believe “the biggest and best bet you can make in life is betting on you.”

You have the ability to overcome any challenge when you play to your strengths, lean into your experience and convey your expertise with confidence and passion. 

Vincita is not academic, everything we do is about putting you in control so that you and your team can achieve anything you set your mind to with more depth, time and happiness. 

We create a blueprint for success using best practice in Neuroscience, Performance Science, Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behaviour – all honed to achieve untapped potential in a short time. 

The 5 fundamentals

At Vincita, we provide the framework to make crucial choices seamlessly and to land opportunities effortlessly. 

You can count on us to improve the performance of your sales teams, your service teams, and your leaders.

In our experience, people who are not sales and marketing experts don’t know how to choose the resources they need, so they get lost in information and jump from tactic to tactic without going anywhere. That’s why our business accelerator gives you a powerful combination of sales expertise and mental muscle, across 5 proven fundamentals, so your best people can gain momentum and start unlocking bigger and better opportunities at pace.

01: Positive Intelligence – building emotional intelligence through habit forming mental muscle to recover faster from setbacks 

02: Peak Performance – setting up for deep work and the ability to have laser focus to go outside your comfort zone and apply design thinking

03: Power Positioning – creating awareness and relevance by establishing trust and authority, with those who have a problem you can solve and are motivated to act

04: Core Strengths – leaning into internal resources to exert the greatest influence, do more with less, become more engaged, productive, healthier and happier

05: Expert Selling – a roadmap to excellent communication that triggers unconscious desire and accelerates sales

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